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For more than 25 years Land Rover has supported the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). Founded in 1830 as a world centre for geography, it supports research, education, expeditions and fieldwork, and promotes public engagement and informed enjoyment of our world. Land Rover supports fieldwork and expedition activities, from providing vehicles and expertise, to funding outreach and training, and today providing the Land Rover Bursary.

Land Rover’s partnership supports Geography Outdoors, which is the centre supporting field research, exploration and outdoor learning. Land Rover provides financial support and the loan of a vehicle for the Society to visit field centres, universities and secondary schools. This supports the Society’s work to put well planned, safely run, quality fieldwork that benefits students’ learning and personal development at the centre of geographical education. Land Rover funding helps run the annual "Explore" weekend and subsidises delegates to attend Land Rover Off-Road Driver Safety courses.

Together the two organisations offer an annual Land Rover Bursary. The grant provides the loan of a Land Rover 110 Defender vehicle, and a bursary of £15,000, to fund a team of people to support a geographical journey. In addition applicants can apply for a discretionary fund of up to £15,000 to support essential expedition related costs.The aim of the journey is to challenge and inspire the team’s geographical understanding of a particular environment, where the use of a 110 Defender is essential to the trip.

In working with the Society, Land Rover continues to provide four-wheel drive leadership, encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of environments and societies in a safe and responsible way.

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